This luxuriously bohemian island is not only a favorite vacation spot but also a place with charmy jungle-topped hill and a clear blue Atlantic. Experience the true island-feeling in a car-free place and wander around the cute pathways with boutiques and restaurants along. Enjoy a mixture of jungle, palm tree forests, cosy beaches and international cuisine - all to the price of one. Dress up for the night because if you are looking for a pumping nightlife, then Morro delivers!

As the boat approaches the little picturesque harbour of Morro de São Paulo where red flowers hang from the walls slightly touching the clear blue water, you know right away that this is a place you will not be wanting to leave. And there is a perfect reason why not to! Despite of its small size, Morro has everything that one needs in order to be completely and absolutely happy.

While located in the heart of the Bahian coastline, this charmy little island reminds more of a classy French riviera than anything else. Although the brazilian culture is still very present and a good moqueca or caipirinha can be found easily. Yet coming here one will be tempted to cheat on the Bahian dishes with all the high class international cuisine that Morro offers.

Speaking about food, they say that you haven't tried açaí, until you have tried it in Morro! Save your appetite for these massive portions of freshly made açaí accompanied by fruit sallad and nuts. Don't worry about finding it- it will find you while lying relaxed on one of the islands many beaches!

What makes Morro a favourite of the Bahian islands is probably its intimate yet upscale atmosphere. The narrow streets leading through the "Vila" have cute boutiques and restaurants along them and even though the previously sandy neighborhoods have recently been paved, they still managed to keep their original character.

Another thing that makes Morro a preference is the type of tourism that it attracts which is more of a mixture of upper class South Americans and international Havaianas-wearing backpackers. They all mix and match creating a casual yet classy vibe on the island.

Morro is built around its four main beaches which are - very practically - called first, second, third and fourth beach. They are connected to each other through a wodden path leading you from the first all the way to the third while the fourth is a barefoot beach-walk further down. The first one is slightly hidden by a big rocks and shaped into a small bay resembling a typical Mediterranean paradise. The second beach is where it all goes down and while this is a perfect beach to suntan on during the day, it is also where the fiesta takes place when the lights go off. Continuing on to the third and the fourth beach the crowd start to diminish and palm trees start to dominate the landscape.

Something else that is worth mentioning is the security on the island and the locals brag proudly about the fact that there is no criminality on their island. All of this and more is what makes Morro de São Paulo that vacation spot where you go and end up staying for ever.

How to go to Morro de São Paulo

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