Boipeba is an island located about 45 minutes by boat from the city of Valença which is around 300 km from Salvador that also is the nearest airport.



The nearest airport is located in Salvador (SSA) that has connections with most of Brazil's major cities.
Air taxis fly to Boipeba directly from Salvador international airport.
Another option is you can either fly to Ilhéus and continue on to Valença or Torrinhas by bus and then take a boat over to Boipeba.


The easiest way is to take a boat or catamaran from Valença straight to Boipeba. The boat costs R$13 and the catamaran R$ 35. The approximate traveltime of the boat is 4 hours and the catamarã 2 hours.

You can also access Boipeba from Morro de São Paulo with one of the many tourist boats that usually have room for a few passengers that will not return from Boipeba. Price is negotiable and should be around R$ 50. You can also go to the tip of the ilsand by Land Rover and then cross by canoa.

From Salvador there are about 200 km until Torrinhas and from there you continue on to Boipeba by boat. One can also take a bus from Valença to Torrinhas which takes about an hour and a half. The boat trip over to Boipeba from Torrinhas take about 20 minutes the cost varies between R$ 15 and R$ 150 depending on which type of boat.


Follow the BR-324 and before arriving in Feira de Santana, turn on to BR-101 heading south until the junction for Valença. At this point, take a regular or a speed-boat to Boipeba from Valenças boat terminal.
Another option is to take a ferry-boat that connects Salvador and Itaparica's port Bom Despacho. Disembark on the island of Itaparica and follow BA-001 passing through Nazaré until Valença.

Bus transportation

Buses to Valença are leaving from Salvador, Feira de Santana, Itabuna, Bom Despacho, Camamu e Itacaré.

If one is arriving from Salvador the best and quickest option is to take the ferry to the island of Itaparica and then continue by bus until to Valença.
Companies like Santana (tel: +71 3450-4951), Cidade Sol and Águia Branca make daily routes to this destination. The fare is around 26 Real and the approximate travel time is 3 hours.
Note: In Bom Despacho, the buses are available at the same location as the ferry, making travel faster and less tiring.

Coming from Ilhéus, companies like Rota (tel: +73 3251-2181) and Águia Branca have hourly buses to Itacaré that make a stop in Valença on the way. The approximate travel time is 50 minutes.
Coming from Itacaré or Camamu buses leave in the morning and late afternoon towards Bom Despacho and pass through Valença. The trip takes around 3 hours.

Private car

Coming from Salvador the best option is to take the ferry to the island of Itaparica and its harbour Bom Despacho and then follow BA-001.

If one is arriving by car there are two options of how to arrive in Boipeba. One is to leave the car right before Valença in a parking lot called "Atracadouro" and then take the boat straight to Boipeba, or park the car at Valenças port.
Note: Both places charge a daily parkingfee but "Atracadouro" is the more economic option. Prices* vary between R$ 5 to R$ 10 in "Atracadouro", and between R$ 15 and R$ 30 in Valenças port.
* The fee is charged per day.

Coming from the south, like Porto Seguro, Trancoso Arraial D'Ajuda, it is best to follow BR-367 until Eunápolis and then continue on to the BR-101 towards Itabuna. At the junction of BA-263, turn right onto Ilhéus and then take the BA-001 towards the northern beaches/Itacaré.

Note: In general, coming from Salvador or Ilhéus the road conditions are good and well marked, however attention must be payed due to the many curves and small communities along the road. Keep the speed reduced at all time.


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